Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fun at Cebu

Just arrived from our recent summer get-away, Cebu. It was a relaxing and all-fun three day trip together with my sales team. It was our first time to go for an out of town trip, all girls this time! Our trip was short but it was well-spent vacation. Aside from swimming and basking under the sun, we went for boat ride exploring the beautiful islands of Cebu. Our day trips were spent enjoying the sun and the sand, but come night time, we had fun bar-hopping and enjoying the city lights of Cebu. It was a hectic and tiring three day vacation, and I am glad that I came prepared as I brought along my fool-proof over the counter sleeping pill. Thank goodness I came prepared. It was difficult for me to sleep during the entire trip since my body is not accustomed with too much activities. Hah, blame it on over sun-exposure. Hahaha! Anyway, despite the lack of sleep. It was a great summer get-away for the team. Truly memorable.

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