Saturday, June 12, 2010

old stuff

I am de-loading some of the bratinella's old stuff. As she's getting bigger day by day, I need to clean her closet almost monthly to give space to her new clothes. Some of her old clothes given to her cousins, while some of it sold online. This month, aside from discarding some of the clothes below, I am also selling some of her shoes. Mostly, sandals and crocs.

Look at how pretty and girly some of her clothes above. And I wonder if how long she would wear these all girly-frilly dress. Lately, I noticed she's developing her own fashion sense, more of cute tops paired with jeans or leggings, matched with jelly shoes. It's fascinating to see how she develops her own style. I am sure in a few years time , she'll go for mature outfits, and who knows probably she'll ask me to get her some hip hop clothing. That will be soon.

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