Sunday, December 30, 2007

preparing for media noche feast ...

Here I am on a Sunday evening ... blogging, emailing and uploading pictures while preparing / cooking for our media noche feast tomorrow. hah, talk about multi-tasking! :)
So what will I prepare for tomorrow's media noche? hmmm... just simple food this time which I am sure Ico and Sam would definitely love : pork barbecue, grilled TJ hotdogs, spaghetti (or baked macaroni for Kuya), fruit salad and chocolate mousse cake.
While waiting for the new year's countdown, will simply set up barbecue station, have a little picinic outside our house and watch fireworks display of our neighbors! hahaha..tipid noh! :) Though, we bought few sparklers and fountains, no firecrackers allowed! Takot kami eh! lol. :)
After 12, will have "new year's party" with our neighbors with food ala potluck style, and I... will definitely bring out my choco fountain! I am sure this will be a big hit again with all the kids here! :)
Can't wait for the new year! New year, new hope...and a new beginning!
Happy 2008 everyone!


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