Wednesday, December 26, 2007

... and now the LV Speedy Damier too!

OUT OF STOCK... can you believe that?!

The speedy 30 LV Damier is out stock at HK LV stores now... my very good friend just called me from HK Pacific Place and told me the sad news... waahhh! She also tried checking at LV Ocean Center, Canton and Central...wala na din?! Bakit?!!

Bakit pag-bibili na ako ng LV bag (like neverfull MM) laging wala?!! waahhh... para syang joke or curse sa akin! nyahahaha!

Haayyy...this is my Chrismas gift! this is what I want for Christmas?!! (booohoohooo... so frustrated!)

*uuuyyy...nagpipigil pumunta sa LV Greenbelt!! mahal don eh! lol..and i am so sure, out of stock din don!

update: just checked LV e-luxury site... wala din speedy 30 damier! waaahhhh... bakit?!!?

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