Sunday, December 16, 2007

I want to shop!!!

I want to shop !?!! I want to hit the malls and shop 'til I drop! Waaahhhh!!

This is my first holiday season weekend stuck at home! Gawd, I can't believe it...the itchy shopper in me just stayed at home for two days!

I am so here at home, just reading post of other Mommy bloggers and I am soooo envious with them as they are out shopping this weekend... wala nag-post kwento eh! busy lahat with christmas shopping! bwahahaha!

Since I had been yaya-less for the past three days, I am stuck here at home. Blogging and watching video with hubby. I can't leave Sam with my other helper because I don't think she can handle my daughter naman. So here I am spending much quality time with my family! (uuyyy... magpaka-totoo gusto talaga mag-mall! lol.)

Actually I attempted to go out yesterday afternoon, but the traffic from our village to C5 was too much! It took me almost an hour just to reach C5 Libis. Then upon entering C5, I can't believe all major roads going to Ortigas Center was also full... traffic watch from the radio described how all roads going to major shopping center was jam-packed with cars. Upon hearing this, I've decided to go back home and bought DVDs instead from our nearby grocery store.

Because hubby was so good for finishing my Christmas lights, I bought him Best of NBA series DVD. And I, since I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy Season 4, bought one for myself too! So our entire Saturday evening spent watching DVD series marathon and on pizza delivery.

So here I am again blogging on a Sunday evening... still itching to go out and shop... :(

I really, really want to shop...I badly want to go out and shop! (**frustrated**)

1 comment:

Mich said...

Ok lang yan Jacqui, after braving the traffic and the malls, gosh, parang gusto ko na nga lang din magstay sa house at sana nagDVD marathon na lang kme. :) nakakapagod!

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