Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Party Preps update

Sam’s 3rd birthday is fast approaching and this year’s theme … Lilo and Stitch Luau party. It will be Sam’s first birthday party here in our new home and I want it to be truly a memorable one. Hope the kids and guests will enjoy and have a blast!

Partial payments already settled. With Josiah’s as our caterer and Jelly Bellies as the party organizer (the same combination we used for Sam’s 1st birthday party). Balloon decors are from Apple (N@W) of Yan-ple party shop. And prior to everything, I’ve already shopped for some of the gift prizes and loot items from Disney HK, Toy Kingdom and Divi Mall (my personal favorite … mura eh! hahaha!). The invites were already finalized by Adworks and ready for pick up by 2nd week of October. Everything settled except for one minor detail -- party host.

Been doing some thinking of whether to hire professional host for the party … but their hosting services rather steep at P5-P7K (with simple balloon twisting as entertainment). And aside from budget considerations, I feel like it would be an over-kill especially with small party like ours. Still having second thoughts on this and I need to decide by next week…Gosh, I’m so pressured! Hahaha!

Speaking of budget, yes…. went over-board again! (what else in new? :)) Didn’t expect changes on supplier’s price this year! Considering bumaba na ang dollar to peso conversion rate…hahaha! syempre, walang kinalaman sa price ng party items like balloons at cakes!lol. Good thing I was able to start party preps and payments from way back. Shelling out payments for minor items like invites, tags and gift prizes breezed through almost unnoticed.

Mommy is very much excited and space-challenged to host the party of 120 guests in our home. Note, we have a small house and I’ve been worried on how to fit them inside! :) But alas! I came up with a brilliant plan! I’ve decided to extend the party to the streets. Got the nod from our village association and neighbors to close the street. (Despite offering me the village’s clubhouse for party use, I am still inclined to hold the party in our house! Pasaway talaga! lol. ) Moreover, I have also tapped the services of our village security to divert traffic during the party time (that’s the privilege of paying the association dues on time! hehehe!). Streets will be closed to give-way for Sam’s party from 2pm to 7pm! Syempre my neighbors can’t complain since I made sure all their kids are also invited! Great plan, huh! :)

After planning for almost everything, my only worry now is if the weather would cooperate. Hmmm… the past few weekends seemed to rain without fail. And with only one month away from Sam’s party, I am not sure if the weather will be in our favor. Guess I didn’t include this on my party-planning! Hahaha! Aside from the tradition egg offering at Sta. Clara, I am thinking of renting a tent for the event. It would be as a back up just in case of a sudden downpour. But then again, with a little luck (and a lot of prayers) maybe it would not rain at the said date. But just the same and I am counting you, my blog friends, to suggest supplier or alternative ideas for my problem! :)

So…that’s it! Summarized party updates. Hope everything goes well on this day :) Wish me luck! :)


Jody said...

Hi Jacqui! Our party is back-to-back! Hahaha. Buti ka pa, ang dami nang nagawa sa party ni Sam. Ako, halos wala pa. Your post is a push button for me! I need to act now. I suggest have a back up plan for weather. Contact Pancipane Tents-8443655. They can quote you for it then reserve it without paying downpayment then the day before decide if you will really put it up depending on the weather that day. If di nila ilalagay, it won't hurt cause you won't pay anything. You would only pay pag nag go signal ka na na maglagay sila. This is what we do in weddings. Buti ka pa invtes coming out na by 2nd week october. Kami finalizing design pa lang ni Mye. Masalimuot kasi ang invites eh.

Mich said...

hi jacqui! wow, complete ka na pala! don't worry, i'm sure everything's gonna be fine. ang importante, enjoy si sam. :D

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