Monday, September 17, 2007

Fits just perfectly right….

Last Sunday, the sofa on my previous post was finally delivered at our house.

Mike was totally unaware that I also purchased a center table to complement the new furniture. Given the small space we had, buying the center table was quite a challenge but still, I persisted buying this one with a hope that it would fit our living room. And it did.

Finally, it fits just perfectly right…

Posting here new addition inside our house!

*btw, with the new center table, I am praying that Sam will not have any accident with it. Otherwise, hubby will kill me… because he already forewarned me that the table might injure Sam… (God, please keep my baby safe!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui! Like you, we're buying pieces din for our new house so I can totally relate to your posts! (Another thing we have in common!) I don't see ourselves moving soon though kasi made-to-order some of the furniture so it would take some time and a lot of budget to finish it!

Kelly said...

Oh Jacqui, I love your sofa! And your center table is the perfect match. May I just say that I really like your taste when it comes to furniture (and most probably everything that is house-related). Ayan, meron na akong consultant when it comes to interior design. lol.

Jane said...

hi jacqui! wow na inspire tuloy ako mag post ng living room din namin hahaha

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Rubai!

You got your dream house na pala..aliw to buy things for the house no! Kakatuwa! :) Most of my money (as if madami) lahat sa house napupunta. I don't buy much na for myself, happy ako if I buy something for the house. Also, due to limited budget din, it took me halos one year to complete items for the house. Unti-unti...matatapos din yan! Hehehe!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Kelly!

I am happy too perfect fit on my small living room. Grabe, ito yun challenge ko everytime I look for furnitures. Budget firendly pa! I've allocated quite big budget for my sofa buy (tipong price ng The Loft piece) only to find out, I can buy na mas mura with discount pa, Hahaha! Galing-galing!

Btw, for the design stlye, suggest you go sa mga malls and home furnishings. Window shop lang. Then get ideas from the magazines. For big items I usually save up pa unti-unti or buy using 0%interest for appliance, thanks to credit card promo of course!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jane! ka house pictures. I am sure very classy and maganda mas maarte sa iyo si Jon when it comes to home furnishings di ba :)Hahaha!

Yun house mo pwede pang-magazine eh, would love to see your new additions especially complete na yun by-phase construction mo, right?

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