Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Sofa Hunt

Was finally able to purchase sofa for our living room. Since Sam’s already quite “toilet-trained”, it would be timely to get our new sofa now. I've been waiting for this moment eversince we transferred to our new house.

Sad to say, I am supposed to buy the sectional sofa from Loft Details (on sale!) but… when I went home to do my measurements, the sofa will not fit my living room! Too bad, I really loved that sectional chair! The color just perfect, khaki/brown colored sofa with floral print pillows! I felt bad when I got my living room measurements! My actual room measurement was 10ft x 10ft. The sofa I wanted to buy was already 6ft x 9ft! No more space for us to walk around. Sadly, Loft Details don’t have small sectional sofas that would fit my space. They don’t do customized sofa also! Really aarrrggghhh!! I really wanted that sofa on my living room... been thinking about it for days on how gorgeous it is, how it will blend with my other furniture pieces inside our house and how it will be the focal point of my living room! So frustrating!! Funny because I even got so frustrated not because I can’t buy the sofa BUT for having a small living room! (very bad of me!)

Anyway, after doing some window shopping, finally found the one! Our Home has a small sectional sofa that would fit my space. I immediately got the measurements and happy to say, the dark choco-brown sectional sofa size was 4ft x 7.5ft. Perfect! The sofa I wanted was available only at Our Home, The Block. So I waited patiently for September 5 to purchase the sofa at The Block. Oh, I was able to get an insider tip that all Our Home outlets will offer great discounts for SM Advantage Card Holders during this day! True enough, I was able to avail great discounts for all my purchases! After paying for the sofa, I even bought center table that would fit rightly on my living room. I also purchased cream-colored shaggy carpet at 50% off and got some accent pillows also to go with the sofa. All of these items will be delivered by Saturday. Can’t wait! I hope everything will fit just right….or else, Mike will kill me! lol.


Kelly said...

Hi Jacqui, I'm sure the sofa set is beautiful. Hirap maghanap ng furniture if your space is limited noh? I bought ours at Interior Design Options (ortigas home depot ata). They sell nice pieces of furniture. Check them out one of these days.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

thanks kelly for your tip!

actually, i think i was able to get one from that store at Ortigas Home Depot..is this near the shawarma and hotdog food carts? I got last year my dining table from this store, not sure if yun name ng store ha! :)

Kelly said...

Hi Jacqui, naku! I can't remember na. Basta parang located siya sa bandang dulo na, second floor. :)

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