Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekly Recap

It’s been a busy week and I’ve passed the days with no post to my blog. I’ll just provide quick run through kwentos, shall we?

*Sam will start classes again by October 1 at Fairchild Learning Center located inside our village. Lately, I noticed she’s been quite shy during family gatherings and it takes her quite some time to warm up and interact. That is why I am thinking of sending her to back school to improve her social skills.

*In addition to item 1, I just got approval from hubby to enroll her. Won my case this time… especially when he noticed Sam’s been quite bratty and rowdy lately. She needs a new environment and not only under yaya’s everyday care. Another winning argument … :)

* Went home late last week and was surprised to see that Sam got a slight burn on her right arm. Was totally furious because yaya and our helper can’t explain where she got the accident! (or one of them was lying!!) By probing, I’ve deducted that Sam got burned while our maid was ironing our clothes. Though it’s quite a small scrape, but the fact that we found out on our own without the helpers telling us about the accident … this totally freaked us out! Their claim, they don’t know what happened. The nerve…. they thought we wouldn’t find out! Because of this incident, we gave ultimatum to our helper … and she’s bound to go by October after paying all her cash advances. (Well, we know Sam’s super likot stage now, and we do understand and acknowledge that. But unexplainable accidents and deliberately hiding this to us….that’s something we won’t tolerate!)

Anyway, Mike decided to put Sam to school for her to spend the days learning instead of having unexplainable accident from helpers. Besides, it’s safe and more importantly … Sam won’t sing & dance to Papaya song! :)

*On a lighter note, Mike and I went to Divisoria last Saturday to buy loot items, toys and prizes for Sam’s party. Surprisingly, hubby didn’t complain for waking him up early on a Saturday morning. Despite having a drinking-spree the night before, he didn’t complain on traffic and for walking far while bringing my super heavy shopping bag. Never heard any word! Wow! And these sacrifices all for Sam! :)

( Side kwento: he enjoyed the Divi trip so much that he bought kilos and kilos of fruits…dragon fruit, mangosteen, lanzones, rambutan, oranges and plums! Lahat ng fruits in sight binili! Grabe! He even accompanied me buying onions, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, calamansi, eggplants, sayote and other veggies! Note: minimum of 2 kilos each yun! Hahaha! Syempre ilan trip kami balik sa car to deload our purchase then puro side car kami! Hahaha! )

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M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

you had a busy weekend pala. btw, i don't like what your helper has done too. if they notice something wrong they should have told you right away instead of hiding it.

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