Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas Rewards...

I recently saw Jody’s post regarding buying an expensive brand of luggage (a Louis Vuitton ) for herself this Christmas, and I can’t help but agree with her that it is indeed a very damn nice Christmas gift for one’s self.

Actually, I’ve been doing this kind of gift-giving for myself… or probably others will call it self-reward wherein I buy an item that I’ve been eyeing (read: craving ) for the longest time. Something illogical, expensive lavish treat or something you think as a reward-satisfying item that you’ve earned and saved up for some time. And, what would be the perfect timing to get this? Christmas time!

My take on this, I don’t see any harm on rewarding thyself. And in fact, I do encourage people to get something really special and reward-satisfying gift for themselves during Christmas. It’s like a year-end bonus, Santa’s Christmas gift or a grand prize rolled into one for working real hard for the year. It’s more of saying thank you to one’s self for being strong, healthy and simply being happy. A personal gift for being a loving wife, good mother, caring daughter, kind sister and a friend to others.

Well, enough of my justifications, lol.

So, what do I plan to get myself for this Christmas? I want to reward myself with ONE of the lavish treat candies below: ( I am realistic, I can afford to get one item only!)

1. Philip Stein Teslar watch

I am a sucker for watches! Can't stop buying them... I love this watch because of its cool shape on my wrist! :) and for health reasons na din :)

2. A very nice LV bag

I go for the traditional bucket-style. I love shoulder-type bags. Stylish and convenient since I am always on the go :) It looks good on jeans also, my usual get up!

I've wanted to get this bag for I think more than 2 years now. But, with the house construction and other unnecessary expenses, I've diverted my plan to other essential must-buys! Hopefully, this year... pwede na! :)

3. Yellow gold charm bracelets

I love jewelry! I love bracelet with lucky charms or dangles. I’ve outgrown my love for white gold. Yellow gold bracelets will be quite nice addition to my collection.
Probably like these items below...but yellow gold.

Hmmm... choices, choices, choices. Need to make-up my mind soon. Hehehe! For the meantime, dagdag ipon ulit to buy my reward! :)

Oh by the way, Jody was right…. These are all investments, darling! :)


Jody said...

Jacqui! Hahaha, we are all planning to get ourselves something big this christmas! Tama ka, hard earned money so we deserve it. A couple of days ago, my friend and I went to LV in greenbelt, binisita naman si Speedy! hahaha. Mukha kaming
sira, every month kami pumupunta dun. I also love the bucket type and the draw string one. I'd like to go classic nga eh. I recently purchased a Lacoste bag last month kaya naman when I told Dicky the other night that I want to buy another bag, I just got a stern look! Tapos I have been eyeing a burberry and ralph lauren bags as well. Hay, can't get over with these bags. I just love hoarding. Hehehe. Baka sa client from Sgp ako magpabili, mas mura din daw dun cause may rebates. Sana matupad ang ating mga christmas rewards. Goodluck to us!

Kelly said...

What a girl wants?! Lots and lots and lots! LOL

I would also love to collect watches. I don't know much about them but I (and the husband) dream of owning a Vacheron Constantin.

An LV is a good buy. Bags of their kind rarely go out of style so you'd be able to use them for a loooong time.

Ang hirap ng problema nating mga babae noh? Hahahaha!

~Yen~ said...

Investments indeed:) I'm an avid designer bag collector for years:D hehe

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