Monday, September 17, 2007

Can't stop jumping!!!

Terrible two… that is what other Moms would tell you as soon as their kid enters the age of two. But are your prepared for a more terrible three? :)

In two months time, my little girl will turn three. But, as I watched her everyday, I can’t help but be amazed as to where she gets all that energy that she can’t stop goofing and jumping around! She loves to jump so much that she won’t stop!

She has this knack of jumping on people (particularly on me!) unexpectedly that you will be caught off-guard. She loves to do this whenever I am with her… whenever I am eating, watching TV, lying on bed or just by simply standing near her...she’ll jump on me with no apparent reason! She’s just so happy doing this! :) I wish that sometimes she would stop… because most of the time, I end up getting hurt with her unexpected jump.

There are times that I would beg Mike to ask her to stop because she won’t listen to me! If I ask her to stop, the more she gets crazy and really “nanggi-gigil” on me. I would sometimes resort to crying na lang or ask Daddy to scold her for me! :( Haayyy…hirap maging Mommy!

I wonder sometimes if jumping is her outlet of saying how much she misses us, since both of us are working. This may be her way of showing her appreciation and joy seeing us at home with her … or this may her way of keeping herself busy all-day or calling our attention by simply telling us: Hey, I am bored at home! I need playmates! Hahaha! Again, this is one of my reasons why I wanted to send her to school.

Well, I’m hoping one day that she’ll stop jumping wildly. But for the meantime, I think I’ll just let her be and enjoy her jumping indulgences. She won’t be forever three … and she’ll definitely outgrow her passion for jumping. And for the meantime, I’ll just enjoy her jumping moments… even it makes me wince once in a while! :)

Catch Sam on her favorite trampoline board… OUR BED!


Jody said...

Hey Jacqui! Pareho tayo ng comforter set. We also have that green! hehehe, wala lang.

Jane said...

hi! naku, as im trying to imagine sam and you, natatawa ako hahaha.

ganun siguro talaga. iba iba sila ng trip LOL. sophia loves naman magikoit-ikot hanggang mahilo siya! so parang magcocollapse siya diba? sababy sabi "the room is moving" ! naku talaga!!!!!

Jody said...

I agree with Jane, iba-iba sila ng trip. Margaux naman loves running and running and being caught. Nagpapahabol pa sya talaga! Kakapagod no?

Jody said...

I agree with Jane, iba-iba sila ng trip. Margaux naman loves running and running and being caught. Nagpapahabol pa sya talaga! Kakapagod no?

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

hahaha! I can't help but laugh while reading your post. I am exactly like your little girl when i'm here age. I love jumping on the bed and it drives my mom crazy. :)

Why not buy her something safe tojump on and instructher to use that when she feels jumping. Jumping to other people is a bad idea because it hurts them.

Hope you can deal with the "jumping stage" mommy jacque.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jane and Jody,

Agree na iba talaga trip nila. May bago trip din Sam ngayon. She's so clingy! Whenever mahuli nya ako, she'll put her arms around me..and she'll wrap her legs din. As in parang snake and really difficult to escape from her! hahaha! Nakakatawa talaga! And, she so amused if I'll try to escape..lalo gigil pa and won't let go of me!

Sometimes naman, she'll wrap herself around my leg then I'll walk na naka-yakap or naka-bitin sya sa leg ko. Ang bigat ha! Grabe...pero aliw talaga! She's so sweet!! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Nice!

Hay naku, I am sure I can relate to your Mom's headaches. Hahaha! :)

I'm thinking nga if I should get her trampoline...pero baka mas accident-prone yun eh.

Bahala na, I'll try to check what I can get as substitute for her "jumping craze" :)

Mich said...

hehehe, ang cute naman ni Sam! :) si Alex naman ngayon, grabe kinakagat ako parati! kaya dami ko ng pasa. :( she's starting to jump in our bed too! pero wala pa syang 2 ha!

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