Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Presents

This year, money is tight for a lot of people out there. With the holidays fast approaching, it's hard to find ways to get the essentials along with all the Christmas goodies as well. Here's some helpful tips to keep you on budget.

1. Wrap up everyday stuff
For kids, the best part of Christmas is opening up the presents. Sure, they like what's inside as well, but what could be better than seeing their little eyes light up as they see the pile of neatly wrapped presents just for them! To help the pile grow, don't just wrap up the toys and big items, wrap up the little things as well. Let's say your child needs new clothing or shoes. Instead of buying it and immediately letting them wear it, wrap it up and put it under the tree.

2. It's the thought that counts
We've all heard the expression "it's the thought that counts," but it is as true a statement as I've ever heard. If you put some thought into the gifts that you give, and try to get a little creative, it's easy to spend less money. For example, we've all quickly purchased a new release DVD for someone because we couldn't think of what to get them. If we, instead, take the time to look a little harder and get a little more creative, we could find something that costs far less than the $24.99 we'd normally spend. Plus, it makes the gift more personal and shows that you were thinking about the person receiving it.

3. You don't need bows, ribbons...
A lot of money goes into the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tags, and other such items that just get ripped up and thrown out. Bypass all that extra stuff, wrap the present, and be done with it. You'll be surprised how much you save!

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