Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cartoon characters

If you will check your social networking sites, particularly Facebook you will see there's a new craze such as cartoon characters popping up as profile picture. This is for a campaign to stop violence against children. And to support the campaign, I posted my favorite cartoon show ... Care Bears. I can clearly remember these lovable and huggable bears which I used to watch every afternoon from school. Now I miss them so much ... wish they will revive this again for my kids to enjoy now. =)

It was really fun bringing back childhood memories. I can still remember my gradeschool days that I would rush home after school just to catch the 430pm show. And not only was I hooked with the show, I even collected stickers for my album collection. Haaayy..those childhood carefree days. No worries about work or life but all fun, no worries on getting fat or any acne problem. Just carefree days that you dont need to worry about acne and reading blogging reviews to click here and there for treatment comparisson. In fact, there's no google, search engines or even internet days yet! =) Simple joys, indeed.

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