Friday, November 5, 2010

balloon pop

Lots of toys and gifts from Toy Kingdom! These are prizes for the balloon burst for the upcoming party of Migo and Samantha. This year, I've decided to prepare two balloon burst ... one for migo, and the other one for samantha. To facilitate the game, will be dividing the participants by age group so everybody will get equal opportunity of getting something from the balloon burst. And to make it more fun and exciting for kids, the balloon pop will be done simultaneously. Hahaha! The little girl is very excited with it! In fact, she's counting the days before the actual D-Day. Hahaha!
Off to party talks, need to read more about mesothelemia as my colleague shared that one of her aunts suffered from cancer due too much exposure in asbestos. They are seeking legal help and requesting friends to read more about their case and fight against it.

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