Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strong Family Ties

My sister Samantha is getting married in six months and many of my family members have been diligently planning menus, decorations, wedding attire, and entertainment to ensure this is a very momentous occasion for her. I love my sister and I want her to have the best wedding possible, which is why I gave her and her fiancé information on Tacori engagement rings that me and my husband also purchased before my wedding.

My mother is really emotional right now because the last of her four children will soon be leaving her home and she and my father will have to deal with another episode of “empty nest.” She does have comfort in knowing that my sister is getting a fabulous guy, and my mother’s future son-in-law really scored well with her when he made the announcement that they would not be moving out-of-state.

My sister is having a fall wedding and her colors will be fall green with some hints of burgundy. This time reminded me of my own fall wedding where Jeff, my husband, and I got married just six short years ago. Now with two kid’s under tow, I feel like an old married woman compared to my sister, but I am tickled pink since she finally asks my advice on subject like marriage, starting a family and raising a family. I love answering these questions for her and feel really honored that I can be here for her and really act as a “big sister.”

She has been such a good sister and aunt to my children and has also taken on the responsibility of being their God Parent. There’s nothing like family, and at these times it really is an opportunity where I can show my own children the importance of good family relations.

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