Saturday, January 17, 2009

toy sale

Received an interesting email from yesterday, they are offering clearance sale up to 70% off from its orginal price. Naturally, I grabbed the chance of getting sale items for the bratinella. Since most of the charatcer toys on sale, I've decided to get the little girl her new fave nickolodeon item -- the backyardigans! Really great deal at 50% price off. From the original price of $50.00 to $24.87. Excluding shipping charges of course! I am thinking of having the toy shipped to hubby's hotel in Hawaii next week, just not sure if this is allowed. If this will work, it will be an awesome pasalubong present for Samantha. Well, just hope it will arrive in time while hubby still in Hawaii. To make this work, need to have it shipped overnight and have the correct barcode scanner to avoid any delays. My only problem, hope the toy site allows shipping to hotels. Otherwise I'll be forced to shipped the toy to my aunt in NY. And that would mean waiting for a long, long time for the package to arrive. Anyway, still crossing my fingers.

Check this out ... Backyadigan's Bobblin Big Top Circus Playset

1 comment:

jody said...

Sana ang "box" ko ang magkasya sa luggage ni mike! bwahahaha!

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