Saturday, January 17, 2009

diet plan wish

As I prepare for our summer plans this year, I can't help but wish that I should have started by diet plans months ago. I could have lose some of those unwanted fats that would make me "more appealing" in bathing suits. Yeah, yeah I know you've heard this from me over and over again ... but I really can't stick to my diet program. I find it very difficult and frustrating to cut down my food intake especially with all the holiday celebrations last month. I hate to admit it, but I guess I am just plain lazy to stick with all the excercise programs. I always find an excuse of avoiding my diet. I can't simply escape and say NO to all the tempting foods that I love like sweets (cakes and chocolates), soda and rice. And now, as summer season just around the corner ... I can't help but wish that I should have seriously considered taking Anoretix. Or probably started using my gym membership full-time, or start eating healthy meal like protein and veggies, or probably limit my carbo intake. And now, all should-have beens. Should really have sticked to my diet plans ... do you think there is still hope for me?


Anonymous said...

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