Thursday, January 22, 2009

all waiting.

Just as I've posted on my other blog.

One more day ... and the husband will be home.

Gawd...I miss the husband so much. I can't wait to see him especially now, the little girl is sick due to throat infection. Need him badly. We can't wait to see him.

Our relatives from Illinois are waiting. Waiting for his arrival in Manila. They've been waiting for days for his email about the Chicago accident attorney referral. They need to consult an accident lawyer ASAP for their minor involvement in a motor vehicle collision. They too are waiting.
Our friends are waiting too. For they asked the husband to get some items from Hawaii. Some ordered through amazon online site, while others asked their relatives to deliver to the husband's hotel.
His office staff waiting too. They can't wait for hubby's decision about a hardware equipment to be purchased. They need hubby's approval too prior implementation of a new software system. All of us are waiting. And just one more day.


Utah Accident Lawyer said...

Please tell me about accident attorney...

Robert Padgett Cooper said...

Please remove the Chicago accident attorney link on this blog post.


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