Monday, January 26, 2009

school mba

Last January 11, I officially celebrated my tenth year in our company. Whooaaa! Can’t believe I stayed loyal for ten years. Of course, I am happy that I’ve reached my tenth year with the company, wherein I am qualified for early retirement program and career growth-wise, I guess I can say I’ve already moved up the corporate ladder.

So what’s next after ten years working in a telecommunication industry? Probably moved to higher learning by enrolling to school mba graduate program. Though I’ve almost completed my MBA degree few years back, busy schedules and the demands of my work hindered my desire to complete the program.

But after ten years, and already stable in my present job I’ve got time in my hands to finish what I’ve started. Thus, I am looking at possible options of of going back to school by enrolling online at Capella University. It would be a great opportunity for me to earn a degree while keeping my present work. Since the university offers MBA courses in business, information technology, psychology, human services and education, I think it will be ideal for working professionals like me to balance work, family and studies with the online education system of Capella University. I can finish my business degree at the comfort of my home and going back to MBA school problem no more.

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