Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weird things about me....

Thanks for the tag, Jody!

...At night, I would constantly rub my feet on the bed sheets to put me to sleep.

... I love the sound of water trickling from the faucet/shower. Every time I use the bathroom, I would open the faucet/shower to wash my hands/feet or just because I want to hear water trickling from the faucet. weird, huh?!?

...Because I love water so much, it pisses me so much if there’s no water! I can’t stand being at home knowing that there is no running water available anytime I want it.

...I am an OC cook.

* I am not comfortable if I have a missing ingredient in my recipe! If I can’t buy the ingredient I needed from the nearby store, I would rather change my menu for the day and re-sked the originally planned menu until I complete the missing ingredient.

*I am very particular how the ingredients like fruits and veggies are cut. Even the cut-size should conform how I wanted it to be on my food.

*The concept “clean as you go” clearly describes how I move inside my kitchen. I can’t stand seeing cluttered or soiled utensils while I cook.

... I prefer matching colors or set for the things I use at home. This goes for linens, towels, hand towels, rugs or even floor mats should be in matching sets when used. If ever one of the rugs got soiled, I would rather change all of it to achieve my desired quirk for matching sets.

Next in line...I am tagging Jane, Mich, Joy, Apple and Nice.


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Jacqui! Thanks for the tag. I've done it a few weeks ago. You can see my answers here > http://www.nicemorning.net/2007/07/31/weird-things-about-me/

Mich said...

oh, i've been tagged! sige, will do this asap. thanks for tagging me. ;)

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