Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank Heaven for Food Take-out and Deliveries

Don't you just love food deliveries and take-out food?!

Since it's a long weekend break, we've indulged ourselves with food deliveries and take-out food. I've been quite a lazy cook for the past few days and my ultimate solution: dial food delivery! It makes mom's life easier and stress-free with simply dialling the magic delivery numbers and presto... food ready right infront of your doorsteps! :)

Note our weekend indulgences below:


While watching "Ocean's Thirteen" DVD, we called Mc Donald's delivery at 11pm. Mc Donald's is the only 24-hour food delivery near our place.

Anyway, look at Sam's picture happily munching her favorite chicken nuggets from Mc Do!


Due to typhoon, My mom and my sister's family stayed with us for the night. While enjoying our videoke concert, we again had sudden craving for late night snack. Pizza Hut delivery the only number to go! :) Got pizzas with stuffed sausage and cheese crust! Yummy! Don't you love Pizza Hut Palm Cards "Buy one, take one!" hehehe :)


We got call from my FIL that we will be hosting dinner for relatives from Canada. Hmmm... that was really spur of the moment advise huh!?! Again, since we got the advise quite late, I've decided to dial food delivery for dinner. I called Lola Idang's for 2 orders of kare-kare and crispy pata. Then I called the famous Ado's Panciteria for Miki Bihon Guisado pick-up. Bought pork barbecues along the way and MIL offered to bring ice cream and cake from Goldilock's. Express dinner feast ready in less than 1 hour.

Dinner went great with videoke party and bowls of Jollytime buttered popcorn re-capping the night!


We had late night snack from Jade Palace. While watching "Bourne Ultimatum" on DVD, we were munching on siomais, siopaos and beef noodles! Yum, yum!! Sam loves siomai so much that she finished one order (4 pcs) of siomai in one sitting. Grabe appetite!!


We had KFC chicken and rolls for snack at Megamall, but decided to buy Jollibee chicken for dinner. Grabe... Fast-food fanatics! Actually, it was Kuya Ico's idea to get Jollibee this time since he didn't join us for snack at KFC. Syempre, we can't complain!

Look how Sam loves Jollibee fried chicken! Pa-simple pa! hahaha!


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

ansaya naman ng mga kainan nyo. :)

Kelly said...

Hi Jacqui, this is a bit off-topic but I can't help but notice your place (my interiors have the same color theme as yours). I like your ceiling lamp! Our dining room ceiling had been empty (save for the electrical wiring) since we transferred. I've been meaning to purchase something similar, am just wondering what store did you buy it? Thanks ha :)

Joy said...

sarap talaga tumambay sa bahay lang ;)


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