Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party_Lilo and Stitch/Luau Theme

I already got the invite design from ADWORKS!! :)

Again, as expected... design was really nice! It's a 2-D type of invite with no pop-up frills (haha! cost cutting kasi!). I've asked some minor changes on the design particularly Sam and Stitch's placement on the invite, and hopefully Adworks will re-submit the finalized lay-out within the week. This is the beauty of preparing the invites early, you've got plenty of time to re-design and do whatever you want :)

Aside from the invites, Adworks will also do the nametags and thank-you tags for give-aways. Matching lay out to follow as soon as I approve the invite design. Hopefully all the designs completed by this month so I have one less item to prepare for Sam's birthday party! :)

1 comment:

Mich said...

aawww, what a lovely invite! :) lilo and stitch/hawaiian din ang theme ni alex when she had her birthday last march 2007. :)

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