Monday, August 27, 2007

Bed Weather Day

When I woke up this am, thought it was still dawn. I can see from our bedroom windows that the skies were dark and the neighborhood was very quiet. And thinking it was still early for me to get up, I decided to look at my watch and was surprised that it’s already 10:15am. Gawd!! Can’t believe I slept that long! I am not used to waking up late despite staying up ‘til the wee hours. Yet still I did … blame it on the cold weather outside! :)

As I looked at my daughter who was lovingly snuggled with her Dad, I am pleased from what I saw. She looks so peaceful and contented clutching her pillow and probably dreaming on a far away land. Hubby looked calm as well and in deep sleep after hitting the bed at 3am from a drinking spree last night here at the house.

I got up slowly and as quietly as possible, afraid to wake them up. I went to the kitchen right away and checked our menu for lunch. Hmmm… chicken afritada. Not bad. But I craved for different food this bed weather day. As I open our kitchen cupboards I saw something that made me excited. How about tuyo for lunch?!? I love tuyo and I miss eating tuyo so much! Perfect food for the rainy weather.

As I am typing my entry now, we haven’t decided yet if we will go out for dinner. For the past few days, we have been very lazy to move a muscle. We spent the long weekend watching videos, lazing around and just sleeping. Truly relaxing!

What about you, how did you spend your bed weather day?


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

.yeah the weather is coducive for sleeping. :) We woke up late too


Mich said...

hi jacqui! funny I craved for tuyo as well! yun ulam namin last Sunday. hihihihi!

Joy said...

hi jac, i can totally relate. sarap matulog and ang hirap gumising. :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi mich! I also craved the next day for daing na bangus, salted egg with kamatis! Sobrang sarap! :)Mike was surprised nga kasi di bagay with our tonkatsu (breaded porkchop) meal that night. Ay, dedema ako. I love my daing na bangus. :)

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