Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holiday Season almost here!!

With just few days'll be September. We are about to enter the -ber months and finally, Christmas is here again! I can't believe it! I am back to my holiday shopping spree, guilt-free! lol.

It is the time of the year to enjoy hot chocolate with bibingka and puto bumbong after simbang gabi, joyful carolers on the streets, twinkling christmas lights and parols on every home, happy shoppers (like me!) looking for perfect gifts for loved ones and of course, and midnight tiangges almost everywhere! Oh, plus the terrible traffic on the entire metropolis! :) Aren’t you excited again? Hahaha!

This Christmas, I’m planning to change my decors and color theme. It has been three years that I used the orange-themed decors on my tree, and I am thinking of using different colors this time. I saw last year an “apple-green” themed that looked great on Christmas tree. Purple is also nice ... and Sam’s favorite color too, which I might consider together with silver. Hmmm...nothing definite yet. Need to check out what is available this year at the mall.

For gifts, I wanted to prepare something special for my family and friends this year. Unlike the previous year, Mike and I have been very busy with the house construction that I ended up giving Becky’s Brownies as gifts! Though very yummy … but I find it too boring and quite impersonal. So, I was thinking of getting gift baskets this year with probably “kakaiba” goodies inside. I am hoping I can find good gourmet foods that can be part of my Christmas gift basket this time. Hopefully, I can find one soon so I can beat the holiday rush and prepare for budget this early. Any suggestions? :)

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