Friday, August 24, 2007

I Love Books!!

Reading books have been Sam's favorite pastime lately.

She loves reading (actually, skimming the pages) so much that she can't end her day without getting her favorite book.

Lately, she's into her Kuya's set of Life Books about Mammals. She loves looking, counting and naming each animals found in the book. She would sometimes even make funny sound imitations of these animals.

Her favorite animal ... the SKUNK! Whenever she reaches this page, she would do funny comment "yeeoow!" , while holding her nose and twtiching her face as a sign of disgust! hahaha! as if she was smelling one! :)

Anyway, I truly believe that parents should start exposing kids to books at a very young age. Though it may start with simple reading with them at night, and little skimming or scanning of pages to look at pictures as a start of stimulating their interest and love for books. Eventually, these little tots would start building the habit or their love for reading!

Samantha while reading one of her favorites : Bubbles, Bubbles with Elmo and Night, Night Book with Big Bird.


Jacaranda Flagg said...

cute naman, Sam's reading books.. :)

May mga shots din ako with Matt looking at his book too hehehe, mai-post din one time.. :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi jac.

aliw watching them reading books noh! though they can't read pa, as if they can understand na what is written on the book! hehehe! so far, my sam can read letters and numbers pa lang. :)

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