Friday, August 3, 2007

Got better end of the bargain…

My plan to get iPOD video was stopped by hubby the other day :( After convincing and persuading him for more than three days, my grand plan of getting 80G iPOD was put to halt! Can’t believe it! The offer was too tempting … MAC books and iPOD’s can be availed at zero (yes, zero interest!!) for 12 to 24 months thru our company loan program! Incredibly great offer!

I would really love to get the iPOD! BUT, I was weak on defending my case why I badly need the sleek gadget! Hahaha! Here are my reasons:

1. I can store lots of music and music videos.
2. Tons of pictures can be stored and can serve as my portable album.
3. I can download my favorite tv series thru my iPOD ie: Grey's Anatomy, CSI series.
4. I can use it as a back up memory for my files on my laptop.

Duh-uh! Not too convincing enough!!

4. Try this... I even tried rationalizing of getting the iPOD for Sam’s Elmo and Barney videos. Hahaha! literally, ginamit ang anak! :)

But I think he really saw my true intentions…I just want the gadget because it really looks so cool and hip, lol. He even asked me…”eh, you don’t even know how to download music!” Darn… he got me there!

Surprisingly, he suggested that instead of getting the iPOD (which will be under utilized, anyway!) he told me to get the Samsung LCD TV I’ve been eyeing for the past months! Aha-ha! Did I hear that right? The LCD TV?!!? Gosh… he knows…and he remembers…he was listening after all! :) He finally said yes! Of course, getting the LCD TV means I need to do some budget tweaking! Hahaha! Nevertheless…I got the better end of the bargain. I asked for an iPOD… and was denied BUT, won the LCD TV instead! Hahaha! Ain’t that great deal! :) Super thanks, honey! I love you!

Hmmmmm…next question, where should I put the new TV and Home Theater? Our Bedroom or Family Room? Uhhmmm... need to put some holes on our red wall to mount that tv! (lagot?! hahaha!)

See the Samsung LCD TV I've been eyeing for the past 6 months! :)

Imagine the art of expression

The S8 Series gives you Samsung LCD TV's classic and elegant design at its most affordable level. Yet it delivers the Samsung technology you want most. The High Definition (HD) ready display lets you enjoy vivid, lifelike detail.

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