Friday, August 6, 2010

weekend shopping

It's Saturday and we are bound to the mall later. Since the husband and I are both working, weekend is our time with the kids to go shopping and eat out. Aside from shopping, it is my usual time to do my weekly errands such as paying bills, do my rounds at the grocery and get essential items for the house and kids. This week, my list includes:

1. everyday walking shoes for my little boy, migo.

2. new flats for the little bratinella. (oh my, it seems their feet getting bigger and biffer everyday!)

3. birthday gift for tomorrow's Mc Donalds kiddie party.

4. for our home: new light bulbs for the hallway, set of outdoor patio cushions (since the old ones already soaked in rain), table cloths and napkins for outdoor use.

So far these are my top of my mind list. Not sure if I mised anything, hopefully none but should there be other items not included on my list ... then, not bad at all. The more reason for me to go back and hit the mall next week, clever eh?

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