Friday, August 27, 2010

LNP Week

August is the month of LNP, in our side of the world known as Linggo Ng Wika. This is the month wherein kids are encouraged to speak in their own native tongue, in Filipino as respect to our national language and of course to promote nationalism.

This year, the K2 class Rm 4 danced their way to show respect to our language by starting their performance with their own song interpretation of Bahay Kubo and ending in a non-traditional way of street dance by Gary V's famous hit song, Hataw Na! It was a splendid performance. Kudos to their teacher, Teacher Sheanne for teaching the kids to dance the Hataw way!! :)

Pictures above clockwise: Samantha with her friends Bea and Sam Nicole; with Bea's Mom and my SIL, Rona ; the energetic and good dancer Teacher Sheanne ; kids performing the Bahay Kubo song in plaid/checkered polo outfits :)

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