Saturday, August 14, 2010

RL shopping again

I love online shopping ... I can browse and shop in my comforts of my home. And just last Friday, went crazy buying shirts for the little tot from Ralph Lauren. It's unbelievably on sale with almost 70% off mark down. Of course, the budget conscious in me can't resist the magic word SALE! Who wouldn't? Thus, I bought shirts 2x bigger than his present size now. At 9 mos now, I already bought shirts good for 24 months. Hahaha! Yes, my little boy is a biggie boy. And in no time, he will be able to wear these shirts. Check out my loots below ...

US Big Pony Polo (Red and White)

RL Multi-stripe Cotton Polo Shirts : orange, royal blue and yellow

RL Gellar Khaki shorts

Do hurry, sale items will not last long.

1 comment:

Gracie said...

naman...nae-engganyo tuloy ako mag-shop na naman...haha!

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