Monday, August 30, 2010

trip to pedia ER

My daughter was brought to the emergency room at our local hospital few weeks ago. Nothing serious but the husband and I wanted to be sure that her recurring high fever not caused by dengue or any life-threatening disease. We just want immediate care and attention to be given to her particularly administer labaratory tests for her CBC platelettes and urinalysis. Luckily, her tests showed negative bacterial infection, white blood cells within the range and my daughter's fever brought by viral infection that can be cured by paracetamol. Nothing to be alarmed, but just rest and plenty of fluids enough to cure her.

And while waiting for the result of her lab tests from the pedia ER ward, my daughter had a great time looking at the nurses' uniform. At the pedia ward, the nurses had less diffculty getting the attention of the kids, thanks to the familiar and famous characters nurse uniforms they wore. They all look friendly and approachable and the suits makes a great conversation piece with the kids. Really cute. I wonder where the hospital get cheap scrubs for all their staff use. It looks clean and appealing to kids and I so want to get one for everyday use of our nanny. Any suggestions?

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