Friday, August 6, 2010

home security

Since we heard the horrible home theft story from one of our colleagues, the husband and I already thinking of ways to keep our home safe and to avoid robbery incidents that may occur in our home. To think that we live in a private village, wherein roaming security guards present 24/7 ... it's really scary to know that there will still be high probability to experience theft. Aside from putting dual locks, some security measures adding another home gadget may be another option. The husband is thinking of getting security video, body heat sensors or other spy gear gadgets to monitor night activities in our home. This way, we can ward-off bad elements and keep our home safe. It may be pricey but if we think about the safety of our kids, this is priceless.


cheap home security systems said...

Well, I think that is a nice idea because when you are leaving the premises, you can use the wireless key chain remote or wireless keypad to arm the system. If an intruder enters the premise, the door sensors and infrared motion detector will trip the alarm.

Patrick Tan said...

Here's a very simple tip for you! A dog!!!! your home buddy can really add security to your home. Through their barks alone , this can be a threat for possible burglars.

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