Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tokyo travel plans

Traveling to Tokyo proved not difficult at all. As I was preparing for our travel itinerary weeks before our travel, I was having a hard time understanding the directions and even instructions.It came to a point I was lost in translation, and doing our travel itinerary proved to be troublesome. I've wanted to do everything during our short trip. So many places to go and see. I've patiently done some research, asked friends, read some reviews and even read some blog posts thru free directory submissions ... just to prepared for the Tokyo trip. And happily, all these research and readings paid off. As we came to Japan, everything planned and mapped out. Thus, our recent travel went like a breeze. No hitches. Everything just fell into place as planned. Laaveet!! Because of this, I officially appoint myself the travel planner of the family. Tee-hee!! :)

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