Thursday, April 1, 2010

summer plans

It's summer here in manila, and as usual the kids enjoying the best of summer. And what better way to enjoy it but to watch unlimited tv and dvds. the little girl is watching non-stop nickelodeon as soon as she wakes up and until she sleeps. well, she can even memorize now the time of each show! LOL while my teenage boy, crazy not only with online gaming these days but watching his favorite anime cartoons on tv.

And because of this couch potato habit of the kids, the husband and I thinking of giving the family a vacation they truly deserve... that is by bringing them out on a road trip! it's just us, the road and with much more quality time with the kids. we've been planning aboout this trip for weeks now and i think it would be a lovely idea. of course, we have to bring our van to good sam rv repair to ensure travel and worry-free problems. how about you? care to share your summer plans?

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