Monday, April 5, 2010

summer plans

for the little girl ... still none as of the moment. I've already provided the husband several options for Samantha like ballet and swimming. And it's always a NO. As I've told the husband several times, Samantha should do something to keep her busy than just letting her watch TV all day.
Last year, we brought her to ballet class, she's ok with this though after half of the semester, she got bored and decided to go malling instead of her ballet class. Besides, our saturday skeds usually hectic with parties and family outings. A year before this, we enrolled her at futbol funatics (soccer summer camp), at first she enjoyed all the running and throwing of balls... but in the end, she hates the sun and decided not to play. LOL. This year, I want her to try theater workshop like Trumpets. Sadly, the sked is quite rigid at 3x per week. Our next problem would be her transportation. Anyway, I've tried persuading the husband to at least reconsider. Will still talk tonight.

For the meantime, instead of looking for other possible summer fun activities for the little girl, need to check Murray Feiss lighting. One of my girlfriends recently moved to a new home and I am thinking of getting her nice lamp as house warming gift. Think this will be a great add-on or accent to their lovely home. Hope they have sale items on night or bedside lamps. That would be uber-lovely! Hahaha!

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