Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tokyo loots

And we are back ... from our five-day trip in Tokyo, Japan. It was a short but all-fun trip. I enjoyed Tokyo so much. From the good food, nice people, amazing transportation services, huge malls and all the lights and sounds of Tokyo. Everything is so amazing and beautiful. I've wanted to explore more of Tokyo, but got too little time. And as I was saying to the husband, I want to go back. I love Tokyo to bits and will not grow tired of exploring this city. I want to see more ... the traditional side of Japan. Probably go to other parts of Tokyo like Nagoya or Osaka. Heard it's equally beautiful here too. Hahaha!

Though we want to do some shopping in the city like trying to find nice and authentic Japanese-inspired outdoor rugs , everything is sooo expensive. My plan to get my dream bag did not materialize. With almost 40% mark-up from Paris price, of course it's a no-no buy for me! Went home empty-handed from my Ginza trip instead ... oh not so empty-handed, went home still with Japan best buy loots.

The authentic Hello Kitty items for my little girl: bags, lunch kits, utensils, pencil case, wallet, pins etc.
Oh so yummy Royce' Chocolates. Chips, Nama and chocolate bars. It is cheaper by 30% here in Japan.

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