Thursday, February 26, 2009

shopping in Bangkok

I am still sorting all our Bangkok pictures. I've posted some here and here, but I haven't finished the entire Bangkok travel. I still need to upload our day three and day four trip, and of course about my new baby love. Hehehe! Anyway, I learned so many interesting things while shopping in Bangkok.
1. be prepared for spicy food. oh let me re-phrase that, be very prepared for really, really spicy food! I thought I can bear eating food with chili since I love hot and spicy food. but, I was not prepared for extra chili food. Imagine not just two or five long chili, but dozens of long chili in the sauce. Whhoaaa! And they call it "mild sauce" only ha!
2. when shopping, be prepared to bring cash in tiangge or chatuchak mall. they don't accept credit cards, obviously.
3. when buying in tiangge, price usually at wholesale cost. if you plan to buy one or two items only, price almost doubled. Example THB 100 blouse sold at THB 150.
4. You need to buy 6 items to be considered for wholesale pricing.
5. if you plan to buy items from tiangge, be sure to bring sturdy bag like Delsey luggage for easy and convenient shopping.
6. for purchases over THB 5000, tax refund available at the airport. refund not via cash but as vouchers that can be used for shopping inside the duty free airport.

7. cash vouchers need to be spent inside the shops of airport. Example, THB 20K purchase = THB 2000 cash vouchers. If you plan to use the vouchers, you need to spend 2x the amount of the voucher before you can claim it. Example: for a THB 1000 voucher, you need to spend THB 2000 before you can use it. Very wise eh!?! LOL.

More Bangkok shopping tips to follow ...


mm said...

dati tax refund cash ah baket naging voucher daya naman, post na ur new love=)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi MM,

Not sure if they still give cash. Kasi I bought my item inside the duty free airport na.

Kasi when I bought the bag at GUCCI, they gave me two vouchers. THB2000 as discount for the bag, and another THB2000 cash vouchers which we used inside the duty free mall. Dati ba cash? baka yun na yun sales discount nakuha ko less from by bag's original price. Hehehe! And yes, got another Gucci bag! I love's their new summer 2009 collection, the bag arrived that morning lang sa BKK, inaayos pa nga lang eh. LOL. Hehehe! :)

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