Saturday, February 7, 2009

home improvements - the bedroom

I am thinking of doing some home improvements lately. Particularly eyeing the master's bedroom this time. Ever since we moved in to our new home, we haven't changed our bed furniture yet. And since the little girl co-sleeps with us, I think it would be very timely to get bigger bed size this time. Aside from changing the bed size, I need to find comfortable bed for the three of us. Lately, the husband's complaining with back aches after a night sleep. Though we are not sure if it has something to do with our old and worn out bed mattress, but I guess it would help him if I get a nice, comfortable sleep number bed I saw on the web. It promises durability, comfort and peaceful sleep at a great price. Who wouldn't grab this great opportunity? It'll be a wise investment for the health and total well-being of the family. Hmmm... I just hope they have available mattress locally. Let's see.

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