Saturday, February 7, 2009

birthday treat

Last Wednesday, February 4 the husband celebrated his birthday with a simple dinner at Seoul Barbecue, Libis. Since we've been craving for authentic japchae noodles for weeks, the husband decided to go back to his favorite Korean restaurant with the in-laws to celebrate his natal day. You see, this Korean restaurant became hubby's fave not only because of its proximity from his previous work, but because of the yummy Korean barbecue grilled on the spot. I must say good quality food at a great price. Anyway, sharing you some of our dinner party pictures below.

Yummy Korean dinner with the inlaws and Sam, eight season appetizers (kimchi, spicy dilis, bean sprouts, egg rolls etc.), Korean barbecue on the spot, bulgogi, cha dol begi (spicy pork barbecue), galchigui (fried swordfish), ojingo bokum (chili seafood) and japchae noodles.

the birthday boy happily opening his gift ... surprise! surprise! read more here for the surprise present.

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