Thursday, February 26, 2009

shopping in Bangkok : part 2

Shopping experience in Bangkok : Part 2.

I did a little shopping in Bangkok, not on the thrift or bargain centers but inside the malls like Siam Paragon and MBK. Though I wanted to buy all those summery, nice and really affordable outfits on the street market and Chatuchak (or JJ aka Jatujak), sadly these nice items won't fit me. Quite disappointing since they offer items in one size only, which is FS or free size. Meaning 3x smaller than my size! Ugh. I hate it. One thing I learned in my bargain shopping in Bangkok ... they're not for me! LOL.

So back to my mall shopping, I was able to buy two pairs of shoes on sale from VNC. They were offering 50-70% off from it's original price. Got shoes in red (wedge) and purple (stilleto-type). Each pair costs around P600 only. Great steal! Aside from the shoes, we got few shirts as pasalubongs from Jim Thompson. A little bit pricey but really nice quality by the way.

I was told that wacoal and roxy brands cheaper in BKK. Entered a billabong store and I find the price quite same here in Manila. Toy store just the same and I think we have more toy options here in Manila than in Bangkok. So I ended up buying only few items here. Contrary, the husband enjoyed the flea market. He enjoyed buying Thai shirts as pasalubong, silk ties and more office ties at THB 20 each. I must say good buy for the husband.
Nevertheless we were thankful that we did just few shopping in Bangkok. Not counting my big purchase in the airport (LOL. this deserves a separate post), I think we budgeted extremely well with our recent travel. Money spent wisely. We saved enough to get us a new life insurance quote .
All in all my shopping experience in BKK was just so-so. But, if you intend to sell clothes in Manila, this is the right place for you. Imagine getting nice blouses at THB100 (P148), you can sell it in Manila for P350-P500. Good business with high ROI, huh! Now shopping in BKK sounds very much interesting...

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