Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something Purple's blagbertdey

My dear blogger Em of Something Purple celebrated her 4th blagbertdey last Aug 19. And to commemorate the natal day of her blog, a game was introduced to spice up her blog. And of course, I sooo want to join!

I can still remember my first visit to Em's blog...Something purple, a detour. I was a newbie then to blogging. I can even remember my message on her cbox loving the idea of creating a detour blog from her main blog. Really cool! :) Then I saw her post about the new LV purple EPI collection. I so love it! First time I saw the purple collection of LV..and saw it first at her blog. And yes, like Em I am LV-fanatic girl too! Then her next post on purple LV VERNIS bag ... you see, I can always remember almost all her LV posts! Hahaha! One of the main reasons why I love checking out her blog. :)
Congrats Em!! Looking forward to more LV posts and updates in the next years to come! lol.

1 comment:

something purple said...

Hi jacq, really appreciate this =) lapit na announcement of winners and yes! looking forward to sharing more LV posts hahaha!!!

thanks again!

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