Saturday, September 27, 2008

diet plan not enough.

As I was sorting our vacation pictures, I noticed that hubby is excessively gaining weight too! I think he gained 10lbs for the past six months...and still gaining more. Blame it on excessive dining out with clients, buffet meals during weekends and late night delivery snacks. Despite using the treadmill every morning, playing basketball on weekends, limiting rice intake, and eating yogurt in-between meals, his diet plan is not enough! That's why I am thinking of getting him diet pills like alli to keep him in shape. With the upcoming holiday season, I am sure he'll gain more weight with all the Christmas partying and late night drinking. You see, I need to prep him as early as now to minimize those unwanted fats. Otherwise, he'll be forced to consider cosmetic surgery to eliminate those unwanted bulges in a jiffy!

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