Saturday, September 6, 2008

letting go of F1 at Shanghai

Yes, you read it right ... I am letting go of my F1 trip to Shanghai, China this coming October 17-19, 2008. Its an all expense trip paid by the company since one of my team member was able to hit the required quota for the 1H 2008. As part of the incentive mechanics, the sales head who wins the F1 quota race, can join the trip too! The trip includes airfare, hotel, F1 tickets, F1 all-access pass on the race for three days and two nights. Awesome package! A non-transferable and non-convertible to cash incentive, and every guy in the office was drooling to get-in ... but not me. I simply let go of the opportunity.
For one, I am allowed to bring somebody with me BUT, I should shoulder the F1 package cost of $1400 (P65K), hubby wanted to join (and dreaming to watch F1)...but the timing is off. He can't leave the office at this particular month. Though he's dying to watch F1, he would rather use the money to buy the watch he's eyeing for months now. Very practical husband, I must say. Thus, it would be lonely to watch the race without hubby :(
Secondly since I am no big fan of F1, it would be a waste for me to watch the race ... I won't appreciate it anyway.
Third, aside from the fact that I am not a F1-fanatic, no big deal for me to visit Shangai. Hmmm.. I can't even think of places to visit in Shanghai! Well, probably factory outlets. lol. Probably if the F1 race at Monaco or Europe area, might join in a heartbeat! hahaha!
Fourth, since I'll be leaving first week of October to HK for five-days ... I'll probably shop to death here and I can't afford to spend anymore in less than two weeks time. Unless the company will give me shopping moolah!! hahaha!
Lastly and the best reason, since the company is into cost savings mode this quarter, I've decided to help by saying NO to the opportunity. Small expense it may seem but I know it will be a big help for Bayan.

So, I simply let go of F1 in Shanghai. Well ... there be a lot of opportunties to come and I know this won't be the last. And despite being a travel-hungry person I know how to rationalize my trips and expenses...hehehe! Probably, next time.


jody said...

uy, sino yung naka-target? ok sana ano? kaso di nga bet if di naman kasama si mike!

thea said...

aaaw ako F1 fan ako. hehehe. pero kung di kasama ang hubby, wala ngang sense. :)

abie said...

wow ok to sis...pero wala din ako hilig sa F1 kung 65K ang babayaran ni hubby ko para makasama, malamang mag pass din kami d2...hehehe

btw sis, please share your thougths:

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...


yes..sayang naman if wala si hubby eh dedma naman ako sa F1!

feeling ko nga waste of money to watch ng ganun ka-mahal then dadaan lang sa harap ko!

BAG na least, years ko pa sya bitbit! :)

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