Friday, September 12, 2008

LV happy weeekend

I've been blogging last month my desire to get a black bag here for corporate use. After several shop visits, bag hunting and opinions shared by my fellow bloggers, I've finally decided to get one yesterday.

Though a little bit sad (and surprised!) with the recent global price increase, still decided to get the bag here in Manila. I want to end my bag search... And besides, I really,really want the bag. Can't wait! lol. Thus, I went home LV happy yesterday ... I LVOE it!!

Read here for my LV shopping story.

Aside from being LV-happy, one the many reasons to celebrate this great weekend is the arrival of my aunt from New York. She brought with her my balikbayan box filled with loots I bought online. This includes my Strawberry Shortcake party packs, Gap and Old Navy items I bought for my daughter. As always, since she's alone in a foreign land, my aunt invited us to spend white christmas in the US and enjoy Vegas vacations with her. Though hubby and I had been planning this for years, budget for travel is our primary concern before we can say yes to our aunt. Hopefully next year we can prepare travel budget so we can enjoy vegas casino and shopping with her.

Anyway, have a happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Joy said...

Make sure to post the pics of ur new bag,!!!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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