Thursday, September 25, 2008

party planning months

Six parties to go ... and I am done for party-planning 2008. That is as of today, September 26.

September :
Death Anniversary --- small dinner for relatives: DONE.
Despedida for a realtive -- dinner party : DONE.
MBAPs Baby Shower cum Christmas Party
Sam's 4th Bday Party : Strawberry Shortcake theme
Partner's Christmas Party : no theme yet
HS Barkada Christmas Party : Pink and Brown Christmas (?)
Family Christmas Gathering : no theme yet
Family Post Christmas Party : Chinese inspired- Mano Po Theme

You see, I enjoy arranging parties for families and friends. I love giving parties. I find joy in picking party menu from appetizers , salads, main course to desserts. I enjoy thinking party gimiks, themed-decors and making people happy. I love seeing my family and friends enjoying the party. While I, busy on the sideline ensuring guests are satisfied with the results or outcome of the party. It gives me different kind of adrenalin rush by preparing for the party and most especially on the actual day of the event. Weird,huh? Sometimes I wonder why I am in a telecommunications industry rather than in events and coordination business. I think this is my ultimate calling ... or perhaps I should be a wife of politician, busy hosting parties and charities for a worthy cause. Hehehe!
Thus looking at my list now ... it's really a busy, busy party months. Need to start shopping for Christmas gifts as early as now to beat the holiday rush.


Bela said...

ka addict naman kse mag plan ng party...kung may budget lang din ako, mag pa-party ako lagi...hehehe

Gracie said...

hello party girl! daming organized parties ah...and you're right on track - galing!

btw, have something for you:

take care & enjoy your party planning :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi abie,

ako din..if may unlimited moolah puro parties lang gagawin ko! hahaha! hirap pag family affair, madalas ako pa "abono" eh! hahaha!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

alin right track? maging asawa ng politician?! baka sakalin ako ni hubby, ayaw pa naman nito ng politics! :)

anyway, can't find yun comment mo regarding LV price at dubai...sorry ha, pa-send ulit please. or paki paste na lang as comment na lang :) salamat!

will snag the award later, thank you! :)

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