Saturday, September 27, 2008

acne problems

"MOM, Heeellp!"

I was surprised when Ico called this morning for help. I thought he was hurt or hit by something, but to my surprise, he was holding his face and trying to cover big zit on his forehead. Totally relieved and laughing, I told him to not to worry so much about the big zit! I was able to find on the web an effective and affordable acne treatments that will immediately solve his problem. Apparently, he wanted quick remedy to eliminate the zit soon since he will be hosting an upcoming event in school. With the big zit on his forehead, he's very much worried that his schoolmates will notice and make a big joke about it. Aaahh boys .. you know how they can be cruel and insensitive sometimes. Luckily the web offers safe, effective and affordable acne treatments for parents like me. Now I can treat acne safe and fast without the trouble of testing all the products available in the store.

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