Saturday, June 27, 2009

The HongKong Trip : Day 4

Our fourth and last day in Hong Kong went like a breeze. Ico and I woke up past 8am and we went to Mc Donald's (along Hankow Road, back of our hotel) to get breakfast take-out for us. Since most of the shops were still closed by that time, Ico and I enjoyed walking at the streets of HK with less hustle and bustle of the city. Love Saturday mornings here.

As soon as we finished our breakfast and after packing our things, we then went out for a little pasalubong shopping at the side streets of Nathan Road. We bought few items more at Giordano kids for Sam (jackets) using my Giordano discount membership card. I was able to buy three (3) items at 40% off. Really good deal. I earned my membership card from my previous day shopping for the husband and Ico. Then we bought pasalubong foodie (chocolates/biscuits/pudding/candies) at one of the wholesale grocery store near the Chunking Mansion and some Chinese-inspired items like bags and wallets for helpers, friends and relatives. We were able to accomplish a lot of pasalubong items at the side-streets of Nathan. Laavveet!
We had lunch at one of the small restaturant along the streets offering Authentic Chinese Food. Don't know the name, it was written in Chinese but the food was really good. Serving size bigger compared to Cafe de Corale but priced a few HK dollars higher. Really good as we are tempted to order one whole Roasted Peking Duck for pasalubong here in Manila. LOL.
And since Kowloon Hotel was kind to accommodate our request for late check out at 3pm, we had enough time to rest and re-pack our things before we head for airport. Instead of taking the hotel shuttle to airport which was HK $130 per pax , we decided to take the city cab instead. Much cheaper and convenient since we only paid HK $220 for the four of us. More than half savings compared to airport shuttle.
We arrived at the HK Intl airport with more than 3-hours time to spare, so we had sooo much time to eat at Cafe de Corale again and shop for more pasalubong items. The husband chanced upon on sale jacket items from the Disneyland shop. He was able to get Mickey Mouse cotton jackets at HK $349 for 3. Good buy. He bought blue Mickey Mouse jacket for himself, pink Minnie Mouse for my MIL and red Mickey jacket for my Mom. Bait na manugang! LOL. (actually, he was forcing me to get one jacket for myself but I am not in the mood to get one, thus I sugested to get instead for my mom and MIL instead...which he happily obliged!)
Anyway, flight back to Manila was on time. Weather was good with no glitches. Even the immigration process went like a breeze. Our flight (Sam, Ico and me) was one hour and a half ahead from the husband. So we opted to wait for the husband to arrive at Shakey's resto near the airport. We craved for pizza this time after eating all those Chinese food for 4-days.
Inside the train at HK Intl Airport on our way to our Terminal ride.

Sam goofing around at the gates of HK Airport, waiting for our boarding call

At Shakey's resto ... just few minutes after we landed in Manila.

All in all, the four day trip to HK was truly a memorable and enjoyable one for the family. Really quality time family bonding. We are hoping to do this yearly ... hopefully, if budget permits. But probably next year it'll be much, much more fun with a new baby addition in our family. Just can't wait to bring the little baby to our next trip. LOL.

Now the husband is complaining. With all the yummy Chinese food dining we had in HK, he gained few pounds after the trip. Of course he was surprised to see the numbers on the weighing scale. And the numbers don't lie. Hehehe! He's seriously thinking of losing those excess weight by doing some Kettlebell work-out excersises. He was told by one of his colleagues it is an effective way to get lean and firm muscles to better tone and sculpt his body. the husband is very much eager to start the program asap. Hope it'll work for him.


jody said...

hay, everytime I see HK pics, I can't wait to get there again! I super love HK! Me too, I would never get tired going there as in I told myself, I would not miss a year without going there and true enough not missing for the last 6 years. Royal retreat sya talaga ano? everything within your reach! I might try Kowloon hotel also if i don't get booking from timesharing. And yes, we so love cafe de corale!

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Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jody,

Ako din kaya, super love ko HK. Kahit magbalikan ako dito, ok lang sa akin! Hahaha! Ultimate shopping heaven no?!

And with the addition of Disneyland theme park, cheap way of enjoying Disney characters for the kids without going to US or Japan! Lalo na pag may promo! Wala kami pera pang-Tate eh! LOL.

Kaya nga every year, dito kami. Naka-collect na nga ako pix with Mickey and Minnie na iba-iba outfits nila. Hahaha! :)

Sige, GO to HK na .. Enjoy! :) Matuwa sila Bianca and Margaux talaga! :)

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