Monday, June 22, 2009

The HongKong Trip : Day 2

June 11 (Thursday) : Disney Hollywood Hotel and Disneyland
Our second day in HK was spent early at the HongKong Disney Hollywood Hotel. After breakfast, Samantha and I went to enjoy the good weather at the pool area. With only few kids swimming here, we almost had the pool area entirely to ourselves. Samantha enjoyed the warm water and the kiddie slide. No worries with the safety and security of the kiddie pool. It was carefully watched by three life guards and they even provide life vest for small kids. Truly worry-free water fun for kids. Highly recommended.

By noon, the husband arrived from Manila. He took a cab from the airport (HK$90) and went directly to our hotel. After the husband had some rest, we immediately trooped to Disneyland to maximize our two-day Disney pass.

Our first stop, late lunch at The Plaza. A fine dining restaurant that offers Authentic Chinese food catered by Maxim's. Food here kinda pricey compared to other fast-food outlets inside Disneyland. But nevetheless, really yummy food with a serving size bigger than the usual a la carte restaurants in HK.

After the sumptous lunch, we then headed to watch the Disney Waterwork's Parade. Yes, for the 2nd time. This time we were now prepared with raincoats and umbrella to avoid getting wet. We even rented stroller for Samantha so we don't have to carry her all the time.

Then more pictures and rides at Disneyland. We rode for the second time Sam's favorite Cinderella carousel, Dumbo, Mad Hatter's Tea cup and It's a small world. We even watched The Golden Mickey (for the nth time) as well as the Lion King show. The little girl did not enjoy the Lion King again. Well, she never did enjoy this show eversince. The stage set was very dark, with super loud surround music inside the theater. Sam's scared here plus add the fire dance displayed by the dancers.

Samantha playing at the water fountain while waiting for Daddy and Kuya from the Space Mountain ride (adult roller-coaster). They enjoyed the roller-coaster ride so much. So much that they rode it twice. They tried also the new ride at Tomorrowland, battery-powered car by Honda. Kinda boring and ho-hum ride according to the boys but they still rode to experience it anyway.

It was a tiring 2nd day in Disneyland. After all the shows and rides, we waited for the usual Disney finale, the fireworks display! With this finale, I asked permission from the husband that I'll skip the fireworks show so I can have some shopping time at Tun Chung outlet (one MTR station away from Sunny Bay/Disneyland). Of course, he happily obliged to be left with Samantha at Disney than go with me on a shopping-spree in Tun Chung. LOL.
Ico riding the MTR going to Tun Chung outlet store

After spending few hours at Tun Chung, went back to hotel and call it a day. Of course the day has not ended for the little girl. She had so much fun at Disney, went home with her toy and she even enjoyed the non-stop Disney movies on cable. Perfect vacation treat for the little girl.
Samantha happy with her Disney toy loot : Disney playhouse
Day 3 and Day 4 HK post to follow ...


jody said...

Gee, I got excited seeing the pictures. Can't wait for September. The HK trip is really for the kids. So Im sure they will love it. Looks like you had real fun. How much rent ng stroller? Baka kailangan din namin yan...2 kids in tow kami eh. I doubt if I can quickly go to tung chung by myself cause kawawa naman si Dicky if ever. My kids can be handful at times esp with their daddy, play time kasi talaga sila with him parati eh. Anyway, its really no shopping for me in HK naman.

Gracie said...

i just remembered i haven't posted our HK trip day 3 & 4...haha! nasa drafts ko pa rin. dami kasing pics eh!
good to know you all had fun, especially the little girl :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Hi Jody,

Mura lang naman yun stroller rental at Disneyland, HK$60 per day. Deposit HK$40 na refundable naman after you return the stroller.

Ako din, wala shopping at HK. Well, aside from wala yun ultimate shoppping buy ko, di na ako umikot masyado ... tamad ako eh kasi buntis ako. Wala ako gana to buy stuff for myself.

Si Mike at Ico todo shop. Si Mike at G2000 for office clothes, si Ico naman at Bossini and Giordano for casual/friday attire sa school. HS na kasi sya eh.

Pero bumawi ako sa SNG ... todo shop ako! LOL.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Ako din Gracie, di pa tapos Day 3 and 4 ko. Tagal mag upload from my DSL internet sa house... grabe, sooo sloowww! kaya tinatamad ako! :)

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