Tuesday, July 14, 2009

good news for the family

Received good news from my aunt based in NY that her research paper was selected for oral presentation in the Gerontology Congress in Paris this July. We are really proud of her! Imagine, not only she'll be able to do some sightseeing and shopping in Paris, she'll do her case presentation in the study of Geriatrics (for the elderly) which she truly loves. Really, wow! I was told geriatrics is a booming field in medicine in the US. This is one of her reasons why she decided to focus her studies on elderly. As per my aunt, the US government prioritizes the health care benefits of the senior citizen's or elderly. As a matter of fact, they even encourage individuals, not only elderly to avail social security disability in preparation for their sickness or retirement. Like Allsup,a leading provider of financial and healthcare service to people with disabilities. It boasts a record of 98% proven success rate for individuals who comppleted the SSDI process. Wish our government and private health provider be as active with the geriatrics and disabilities benefits like in the US.

Anyway, congrats Tita Glo! Really proud of you ....

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