Saturday, June 20, 2009

The HongKong Trip : Day 1

Last June 10, our family pushed thru with our much-awaited holiday break at HongKong. Despite the H1N1 scare, we still decided to push thru with our travel plans as a summer cum back-to-school treat for the kids, and my birthday treat.

Anyway prior the trip, we've made some precautionary measures to avoid the flu virus. Aside from giving them flu shots weeks before our travel, the family took ascorbic acid on a double dosage. From the usual 500g per day, it was taken at 1000g per day. We made sure that our immune systems were well-prepared to combat any possible virus.

June 10 (Wed) : Day 1 at Hongkong Disneyland.

Since we took the flight a day ahead from the husband, I've decided it will be more practical to proceed to Disneyland Hotel from the airport and enjoy Disneyland with the kids. Less fuss and hassle of course especially if you have kids in tow.

While waiting for our delayed PAL flight. From 10am flight, we waited another hour for our trip. We left Manila at 1115 am. Not bad considering there were few passengers only at this time.

Inside the aircraft, I was able to convince the little girl to wear her mask whenever we are inside enclosed places like plane and MTR trains. She happily obliged of course with a little bribe of a Disney toy. Aside from the masks I bought from our local drugstore, I also have pocket-sized alcohol to keep our hands clean. Safety net of course. Suprisingly, only a handful of tourists were wearing masks at the HK International airport and inside the plane. The H1N1 scare not that scary after all.

We were so lazy to leave the hotel thus we arrived at Disneyland (via free coach services) around 3pm. Just in time to catch the Disney Summer Waterworks Parade. If there's something I love about Disneyland, they always showcase different parade every year. For my past four visits at Disney, I haven't watched same parade twice. Which makes it more exciting and worthwhile to go back at HK Disneyland. Anyway, after the waterworks parade,we were all wet! Mind you they use Bonaqua for the water spray...that is HK distilled water! LOL.

And of course, more pictures with the Disney characters and Disney's famous landmarks

Trip at HK Dinseyland will not be complete without pictures with Mickey and Minnie.

And more pictures with some of the rides : Cinderella carousel, Mad Hatter's Tea cup ride, Flying Dumbo and the new ride which opened 3Q 2008 : It's a Small World. Sadly, the Winnie the Pooh Ride was under maintenance during our visit. The little girl missed this ride.


Mich said...

grabe Jacqui, you don't look pregnant at all! sexy pa din! :)

mm said...

mukhang super enjoy ang hk trip buti nalng natuloy kyo at d kyo nagpapigil sa h1n1, miss ko na to go to hk pati food hehehe

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

wow mich, best compliment yan ha! :) sana nga I'll be like you, madali na-lose yun preggy weight. Tips ha! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi MM,

Yup, glad that we decided to GO with the trip. Sayang kasi nai-promise na sa kids.

Btw, didn't bother to check the Tory Burch store at Ocean Terminal. Was not in the mood to shop at HK. Also, I am afraid my feet will grow bigger after my pregnancy, sayang lang TB sandals. LOL.

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