Saturday, June 13, 2009

baby bump at 4-months

This is Me at 4-months ... quite top heavy already considering I am just 4-months preggy. Baby bump can be clearly seen compared to some of my preggy slimmer friends who by the way, at 5-months seems not preggy at all! I sooo envy them. Well, I was sexy preggo too during my younger years. Really! In fact, I can still remember on my first pregnancy with Ico that I can literally hide my baby bump to my mom until 5-months. Yup, was secret pregnancy way back then hence I was good in concealing it. LOL.

Anyway, since I am determined to lose those excess weight after my pregnancy, I am seriously considering all the diet pills available on the web. Yes, I am that determined and desperate. LOL. Aside from those unwanted fats I need to lose prior my pregnancy, which is xx lbs ... plus I need to shed off additional pounds gained from my pregnancy now. Really bad.

Thus, wish me luck. Hope I'll be back to my old weight again after I give birth by November.

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